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Validea Capital Management, LLC is an exclusive money management firm serving high net worth individuals and institutions. The firm was founded based on the principle that the best way to outperform the market is to learn from those who have done so in the past. Our stock selection models are based on our interpretation of the published strategies of Wall Street legends. These proven models select fundamentally sound stocks for the long-term and combine elements of both growth and value to maximize return and minimize risk.
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Validea Capital was founded by John Reese. John is the author of "The Guru Investor: How to Beat the Market Using History's Best Investment Strategies." and is also a columnist for and He is an expert in the field of quantitative stock analysis and has developed and refined the proprietary multi-factor, multi-strategy stock selection system used for our portfolios for more than 10 years.   > More Information About Our Firm
Validea Capital Portfolios

Validea Capital offers ten primarily value-driven portfolios that are managed via separately managed accounts. Each portfolio is a blend of multiple proven quantitative strategies that are combined together based on correlation factors.

Long Only Portfolios - For investors seeking the best long-term returns who can handle the ups and downs of the stock market.
     Consensus - 50-stock all-cap value portfolio with elements of growth.
     Select Blend - 60-stock small- and mid-cap blend portfolio.
     Top Gurus - 30-stock focused small- and mid-cap blend portfolio.
     Dividend Value - 40-stock large- and mid-cap value portfolio with dividend focus.
     International - 20-stock large-cap ADR portfolio.
     Hot List - 10-stock focused portfolio for aggressive investors.

Moderate Risk Portfolios - For investors who want exposure to stocks, but want to limit risk with exposure to other asset classes.
     Asset Allocation - Combines our Consensus model with multiple other asset classes.

Reduced Risk Portfolios - For investors who want to substantially reduce risk by combining a small exposure to stocks with uncorrelated asset classes.
     Permanent Portfolio - Equal blend of stocks, short- and long-term bonds and gold

Rotational Portfolios - For investors who want to be invested in stocks most of the time, but want protection from major declines.
     Market Rotation - Seeks to limit losses by moving to cash during market declines.
     Hot List Rotation - Focused portfolio that seeks to limit losses during market declines.
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