Follow Strategies That Have Proven Themselves Over the Long-Term

Validea Capital was founded based on the principle that the best way to outperform the market is to learn from those who have done so in the past. Our stock selection models are based on our interpretation of the published strategies of Wall Street legends. We believe that the fundamental strategies of some of history's top performing investment managers offer a foundation for superior stock selection, and implementing these techniques in a disciplined, unemotional and systematic manner can lead to long term market outperformance. We utilize our proprietary technology to leverage these experts' stock picking prowess, and follow a systematic investment process that eliminates emotion and bias, and focuses on long term outperformance

Combine Uncorrelated Strategies Together to Smooth Returns

For over 10 years, Validea Capital's founders have been testing and implementing our quantitative stock selection system. The system evaluates and scores over 6000 stocks each day using over 300 unique fundamental variables. In total, the firm tracks 17 stock selection methodologies that range from deep value to aggressive growth. Each portfolio managed by Validea Capital is a blend of multiple strategies that are combined together using correlation analysis. By utilizing various stock picking methods in the creation of the portfolios, which range from deep value, to dividend focused, to growth, our investment strategy seeks to smooth returns in different types of market environments.

Eliminate Emotion By Following a Disciplined Management System

Studies have shown that emotion can be the worst enemy of investors, leading them to buy and sell at exactly the wrong time. Bias is also a common problem with investment firms, where there are often conflicts of interest inherent in the financial products they are marketing. Validea is an independent, employee owned firm and all of our investment decisions are based on a purely systematic, non-emotional approach that selects stocks based on their underlying fundamentals. This consistency and discipline is a key advantage of our investment framework that overcomes the psychological hurdles most investors are faced with when making investment decisions.
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