Customized Product Offerings For Different Types of Investors

Managed Accounts

  • Private Account Management
  • Customized blend of models for each investor
  • Access to our full suite of models
  • Individual portfolio optimization
  • $250,000 minimum investment
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  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Blend of multiple factor-based stock picking models
  • Tax efficiency and transparency of ETF wrapper
  • Available on all major brokerage platforms
  • No minimum investment
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Robo Advisor

  • Validea Legends Advisor
  • Factor-based stock selection using proven strategies
  • Uncorrelated assets and downside protection to limit risk
  • Customized portfolio for each investor
  • $25,000 minimum and low 0.25% management fee
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Taking Factor Investing to the Next Level

Validea Capital researched history's top stock pickers and developed computer models that mimic the approaches these gurus used to beat the market over the long-term. Our integrated factor-based models utilize the investment criteria that helped market legends like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch and Ben Graham outperform the market. Through our robo-advisory, actively managed ETF and separate accounts, we provide investors with access to these investment models through our disciplined, emotion free, tax efficient portfolio management & asset allocation systems.