Customized Product Offerings For Different Types of Investors

Equity Portfolios

  • Custom Factor-Based Models
  • Factor-based models based on academic research
  • Value, momentum, quality and low volatility models
  • A customized mix of models for each investor
  • $250,000 minimum investment
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Risk-Managed Portfolios

  • Custom Risk Managed Models
  • Quantitative multi-asset class models
  • Manage risk using proven factor-based approaches
  • Individual portfolio optimization
  • $250,000 minimum investment
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Robo Advisor

  • Validea Legends Advisor
  • Factor-based stock selection using proven strategies
  • Uncorrelated assets and downside protection to limit risk
  • Customized portfolio for each investor
  • $25,000 minimum and low 0.25% management fee
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Building Custom Factor-Based Portfolios for Long-Term Investors

Validea Capital utilizes quantitative models based on academic research that has identified the factors the lead to long-term market outperformance. Instead of trying to re-invest the wheel, we have combed hundreds of academic research papers and other published writings to identify strategies with proven track records. We blend these models together to build custom portfolios for our clients. We offer both equity only and risk-managed models.