Advisor Offerings

We work directly with advisors to construct custom insitutional quality models for their clients.

  A Custom Model Built to Your Exact Specifications

Our stock and ETF selection system allows us to build custom portfolios to meet the specific needs of each advisor and deliver them directly or via TAMP platforms.

We can create custom factor-based equity models using our 45+ quantitative strategies to achieve the specific return and volatility goals of each advisor client. We can also accomodate market-cap, sector and portfolio size requirements in addition to many other factors.
  Go Beyond the Traditional 60-40

Our ETF models go beyond the 60-40 portfolio and use academic research to develop custom asset allocations to manage risk and drawdowns and perform well in a variety of economic environments. This can be particularly important to clients in high inflation environments where traditional stock and bond allocations struggle.
  Benefits to Advisors

  • Build models to achieve your specific goals vs. off the shelf models
  • Differentiate your offerings by providing customized products to clients
  • Utilize advanced risk management models to better construct multi-asset portfolios
  • Low fees relative to other alternatives
  • Can be delivered directly or via TAMP platforms

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