Direct Indexing

Our direct indexing portfolios allow you to build more tax efficient versions of popular indexes to your personal specifications.

  Track Major Indexes More Tax Efficiently

Our Direct Indexing products allow investors to track the returns of popular market indexes in a more tax efficient manner than traditional fund-based approaches by owning the individual stocks within the index. Clients can specify the index they would like to track and we will build a portfolio using the individual stocks in that index.
  Customize Your Direct Index

We can customize your direct index in a variety of ways. We can filter based on your personal restrictions such as ESG. We can tilt your index toward factors like value and quality. We can also eliminate specific stocks to limit risk associated with concentrated positions.
  Increase Strategy Adherence

Research has shown that investors are more likely to stick with an investment strategy when they have played a role in building it. By constructing your direct indexing strategy to your personal specifications, you can ensure you are getting the portfolio you want, which will help you weather the markets inevitable ups and downs.

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