What We Believe

We believe in following investing approaches that have proven themselves over long periods of time and doing so in a systematic way to eliminate emotion and biases from the investment process. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, we have combed hundreds of academic research papers and other published writings to identify strategies with proven track records. We utilize these models together to build custom portfolios for our clients. We offer both equity only and risk-managed models.

  Follow Proven Strategies

We have built systematic models based on factors that academic research has shown leads to investment success. We follow them in a disciplined, unemotional and systematic manner that seeks to maximize returns and minimize risk.
  Blend Strategies to Manage Risk

Each portfolio is a blend of multiple strategies that are combined together using correlation analysis. By blending multiple strategies and methods in the creation of our portfolios, our investment strategy seeks to generate excess returns while eliminating risk specific to individual strategies, styles and asset classes.
  Invest with Discipline

We follow a systematic portfolio management process that ensures that current positions continue to score highly using our quantitative models. Efficiency is maximized by using an intelligent selling process that weighs each holding's quantitative score against the tax and turnover implications of sale for the portfolio. Our system is automated to eliminate the emotion and bias that studies have shown can be a detriment to long-term results.
  Maintain a Long-Term Focus

We are strong believers that long-term investing is the best way to outperform the market. However, we don’t believe that an investor has to hold individual positions for a period of years to be considered a long-term investor. We think long-term adherence to an investing strategy is much more important. That is why our system is set up with structured review periods to ensure that the top fundamental scoring ideas are included in each portfolio, with a heavy emphasis on maximizing tax efficiency over the long term.

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