Six Lessons From Wall Street Legends

For almost 20 years now, Validea Capital founder John Reese has been studying what works in the stock market, with the goal of finding strategies that have consistently beaten the market over the long-term. Through that research, he has been able to identify several investment strategies that not only have outperformed the stock market over the long haul, but which also are based on principles that can benefit all investors. These principles were followed by legendary investors like Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Benjamin Graham, and John Neff. Our special report Six Lessons From Wall Street Legends explains the investing tenets used by these legendary investors, and how you can use them in your own portfolio.



Secrets to Warren Buffett's Success

Warren Buffett is considered by many to be the greatest investor of all time. As the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett has consistently outperformed the S&P 500 for decades, and in the process has become one of the world's richest men. Our special report Secrets to Warren Buffett's Success, excerpted from the book The Guru Investor: How to Beat the Market Using History's Best Investment Strategies written by our founder John Reese looks at the principles Warren Buffett has used over his career to achieve his investing success, and how other investors can follow and learn from them.