Validea Legends Advisor

A Digital Advisor That Invests Using the Strategies of Wall Street Legends


Our Core Principles

  Follow Proven Investment Strategies

Our proprietary investment system utilizes factor-based strategies that have produced market outperformance over extended periods of time. The Validea Legends Advisor selects stocks using over 40 investment models based on historically successful investors, and also invests in actual guru holdings via Berkshire Hathaway, which has returned over 20% annually since its inception.

  Implement the Investment Process with Discipline

Emotion is the biggest obstacle that prevents most investors from achieving their long-term investing goals. The Validea Legends Advisor eliminates emotion from the investing process by following a disciplined investing system that utilizes quantitative stock selection and asset allocation models, and that regularly rebalances your portfolio in order to invest in areas of the market where relative value is greatest.

  Focus on Fees

Unlike most Robo Advisors, our reported fees incorporate all costs, including our 0.25% management fee, trading commissions, and the fees of the ETFs we utilize in our portfolios. We limit fees by investing in best of breed low cost ETFs and by investing in Berkshire Hathaway A shares, which offer our investors access to the stock picking prowess of Warren Buffett without a management fee. Total fees for Validea Legends Advisor (including underlying ETF fees and all trading commissions) range from 0.53% for our Conservative Portfolio to 0.80% for our Aggressive Portfolio.

  Customize a Portfolio For Each Investor

We recognize that each investor has different goals and tolerance for risk. The Validea Legends Advisor builds a customized portfolio for each investor based on their personal risk profile. Each client will complete a comprehensive risk questionaire upon opening their account and our client allocation system will use that information to build a customized portfolio that meets their individual needs. And if needed, our advisors are always available to help guide and advise you over the long-term.

  Manage Risk Via Downside Protection and Uncorrelated Assets

For many years, leading endowment funds have recognized that the use of uncorrelated asset classes can improve risk-adjusted returns. The Validea Legends Advisor incorporates a variety of uncorrelated asset classes where appropriate to limit risk. In addition, our proprietary market rotation system will reduce exposure in the higher risk asset classes in our portfolios when our technical criteria indicate further losses may be coming. And when market valuations reach very high levels, we will also employ a small position in tail risk strategies to limit downside risk.

  Provide Access to a Person - If You Want It

Unlike other robo advisors that either do not provide access to investment representatives or charge an additional fee for it, the Validea Legends Advisor offers unlimited access to our investment consultants free of charge. So if you want access to an advisor, you can have it, but if you are more comfortable doing things on your own, you have that option too.

Advantages of Validea Legends Advisor

  • Follow Strategies of Investment Legends

  • Utilize Asset Allocation Strategies Used by Leading Endowments

  • Significantly Lower Fees Than Active Management
  • Low Minimum $25,000 Initial Investment

  • Access to Investment Professionals if Needed

  • Real Time Account Access and Transparency
  • Portfolio Allocations